Another Star - Version 3B

Started by FireFlower
  • FireFlower

    Version 3B of Another Star is now available.

    Patch notes


    • Added a last-resort legacy mode for very old OpenGL 2.x systems that can be enabled using the command line arguments "-l" or "legacy". Will create lots of visual artifacts and messes up the non-square aspect ratio of the game, but should at least allow the game to run on really old laptops and such.


    • Sound effects are not automatically re-enabled on startup if they were disabled in the user's settings, or using command line arguments.
    • Made minor tweaks to OpenGL extension functions to allow startup using OpenGL 2.x drivers that have certain OpenGL 3 capabilities but don't consider them to be extensions for whatever reason.
    • Fixed a bug introduced in Version 3A that prevented the game from ignoring repeated keyboard input from holding down a key.
    • Fixed a number of issues that were preventing the OS X version from booting in El Capitan.
    • The progress meter should now correctly reset when erasing a save and starting a new game in that slot.
    • More typo corrections.