Another Star - Version 3a

Started by FireFlower
  • Version 3a of Another Star is now available.

    Patch notes


    • All hotkeys are now (mostly) customizable in the settings file.


    • Major overhaul on the game's backend.


    • Fixed crash at startup if a key enumeration value in the settings file did not exist.
    • The numeric keypad keys are now enumerated.
    • You can now play the game with any gamepad connected to the system, as intended, not just the first player gamped.
    • Phials no longer cause battles to get stuck when consumed.
    • Attempting to open the menu and move on the same frame no longer confuses the engine to allow the player to skip/ignore warping and scripting tiles.
    • Fixed an issue with the achievements "Pupil" and "Apprentice" not firing correctly. These two achievements will be awarded upon loading a save if the game detects they have been earned but not yet unlocked.
    • The "Excavator" achievement should now fire more consistently.
    • Returning to the Shaman's hut after completing the related side-quest no longer causes the game to freeze.
    • Fixed a visual glitch on the Vision Riders logo screen when reseting the game.
    • More typos corrected.