Another Star - Version 3.0

Started by FireFlower
  • FireFlower

    Version 3.0 of Another Star is now available.

    Patch notes


    • All enemy graphics have been redone from scratch, and some new graphical elements have been added. The old 256 tile limit can be restored from the options menu.
    • Achievements have been added to the game.
    • It is now possible to select where the game data is saved.
    • The system save data location has been changed for Linux. You may need to manually move your save games from an older version. See the ReadMe.txt file for more details.
    • It is now possible to disable the gamepad.
    • It is now possible to disable the hat switch (d-pad). Some versions of Linux do not read the gamepad correctly, so this can be used to get around the problem.
    • V-Sync can now be enabled.


    • Tachi can now turn around and leave a screen as soon as he enters it. No more need to walk out one tile and come back just to leave.
    • Party members now get 1/3 of their HP back after battle, instead of just 1/5 as in previous versions.
    • Damage output on bows and other projectiles has been given a small boost. Furthermore, their damage is now more consistent.
    • The OpenGL rendering code has been updated, which should improve performance.


    • A bug rendering the Soul Gem accessory useless has been fixed.
    • Healing output from the spell "Persevere" has been given a significant boost.
    • It is no longer possible to exceed the 999 HP cap using stat-boosting equipment.
    • Characters stats are no longer ruined when items are unequipped by certain scenes.
    • Some typos in the dialog have been corrected, and a small number of lines have been altered to clarify their meaning.
    • Other assorted bug fixes and minor improvements.