Store redesign and new features

Started by FireFlower
  • The store has been redesigned a bit. We have changed the appearance of many pages and the filter function. We have also added the possibility to hide already owned games (in settings). And you can now also search by game tag.

    Feedback is always appreciated. :)

  • There are currently some issues, caused by the update, that we are working on fixing:

    • The contact form page is not working
    • The format of the text in the product descriptions looks a bit weird in some cases

    Edit: Fixed

  • We have updated the site a bit:

    • You can now see on product pages that you need to be logged in to be able to add to wishlist.
    • Reddit and Discord icons added at the bottom of the page.
    • Search filter for Platforms has been moved down.
    • Fixed an issue where boxart would be cut off at the bottom on product pages.
    • Owned games are now also hidden on Sales pages, if you have that feature enabled.

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