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Started by FireFlower
  • Help Wanted

    I'm looking for someone that's good at making old games work on modern operating systems, using for example ScummVM or DOSBox. You probably have a technical background and experience.

    Also looking for someone that's good at social media and interested in working as a community/social media manager, promoting our site etc. For this position it's good if you're creative and social and would like to work with me in creating different campaigns. You probably have some experience in that area.

    Could be one position or two positions (depending on if you're good at both or not). You would be working remote. And not full-time, maybe just a few hours a week and pretty flexible at what times you do it. They wouldn't be paid positions as a start, more like an internship. You could perhaps get a percentage of the sales of the games you work on or on sales from successful social media campaigns.

    Send an email to [email protected] with some information about yourself and why you would be suitable for this position or positions. Attach a CV if you like.