Void of Darkness
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Void of Darkness

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Product Description

Void of Darkness is a space combat and trading action role playing game inspired by Starflight 1 and 2 and Star Control.

100 years ago Terrans were driven from their homeworld by an unknown alien race. The Guardian Starship ‘Void of Darkness’ was the evacuation fleet’s only escort. Upon deploying a prototype weapon against their pursuers, the ship vanished without a trace and the evacuation fleet was catapulted across the universe.

Now with the aid of an enigmatic alien race known as the ‘Eurians’, The Terran refugees have rebuilt their society and launched a new fleet of Starships.

Take command of your ship and crew. Trade, explore, survive and engage. You must discover what happened to the starship ‘Void of Darkness’ before a new threat seals Terran fates forever.


  • Engaging combat, with many powerful and unique weapons
  • True Exploration: A small ship, BIG universe, with anomalies and many other places to discover
  • Alien Interaction: Interact with more than 10 Alien Empires
  • Simulation: You have a crew, they live, they breathe, they eat, they sleep, all with little input from you. They are intelligent; they will carry out repairs and keep you informed of the status of your ship.
  • Obtain new technology and upgrade your ship’s weapons, shields, armor, engines and sensors
  • Fast Travel: Space is big; obtain prototype technology such as the jump drive
  • Auxiliary Craft: Launch Shuttles and Mining Drones to gather precious ore
  • Trading: Barter with alien species for the best price
  • Adjustable Difficulty
  • Dynamic Events: E.G. send/receive distress calls to/from Alien allies in trouble, fight wars and engage in fleet fights
  • Sandbox Play, the game does have a story, but it isn’t linear, you are free to roam wherever whenever



Additional Information


Windows, Linux

Download Size

150 MB

Release Date

December 15, 2013




Tropical Games

System Requirements

Windows Vista / 7 / 8; Linux • Intel dual core CPU • 2 GB RAM • 200 MB free HD space • 3D Graphics Card








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