Starpoint Gemini Gold
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Starpoint Gemini Gold

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Product Description

Starpoint Gemini is an open world space RPG. Huge Gemini starsystem awaits to be explored. Embark on a journey of trade, exploration or combat and find the best way to find your happiness under the stars. Game experience is focused on individual large vessels and ways to equip and modify them in order to earn your glory and wealth. Seek your individual path in free roam mode, or embark on an epic struggle through the campaign storyline.

The gold version includes the Gladiators DLC (adds an additional station with skirmish combat modes) and the Timebreach DLC (additional side chain quest that takes you to see the glimpse of future Gemini).


  • Vast and interesting Gemini star system
  • More than 50 different sectors connected via T-Gates
  • Numerous space stations, asteroid mining bases, asteroid fields with ore to be mined, randomly appearing anomalies, encounters with pirates or vessels in distress, trade convoys, military patrols, nebulas and many more elements that create a deep and immersive experience
  • Deep and intriguing main storyline with numerous twists and plots
  • Over 300 freelance missions
  • Skill system with 30 upgradeable ship maneuvers
  • Increase your ranks and gain perk points
  • Over 300 upgradeable ship systems; from weapons and shields to power cores and thrusters
  • Random global events system that will enhance your play

Additional Information



Download Size

1.5 GB

Release Date

February 16, 2012


Deutsch, English


Little Green Men Games

System Requirements

Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA / 7 • 2 GHz CPU • 1 GB RAM • 4 GB free HD space • Graphics card with 128 MB RAM and pixel shader 3.0 • DirectX 9.0c





Version GOLD

Bonus Content

Poster, System Chart and Wallpaper


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