Perimeter: Emperor's Testament
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Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament

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Product Description

In the near future a new Exodus begins, the remnants of human civilization have to leave the perishing Earth and start traveling into the Psychosphere. The ones who call themselves the Spirits – new pastors of the human race, believe that a new planet, suitable for living, will be found in the Psychosphere, Colossal towns-arks, carrying hundreds of colonists, have been traveling for centuries through hostile worlds of Psychosphere under the guidance of Spirits. Their destination was the New Earth that was to replace their old home. All passed worlds have been connected by portals, that is how the Chain of Worlds has been created.

But the end of the hard tests is not in sight, and finally due to the despotism of Spirits and the underground intrigues Exodus went to pieces. New factions have arisen- the Empire and the Harkback. Each faction had their own goals and philosophy. The Harkbacks believed that the old Earth has not died, and the Empire – the most mysterious faction – believed that humans should stay in the Chain of Worlds. The antagonism boiled into a war that has been going on for many decades in many worlds.

Whereas the Spirits are on the way to their destination and the Harkbacks are seeking the mythical Earth, the Emperor builds up his Sponge Empire using automatic bases – his Vice Frames. He does not believe in the old or in the new Earth.


  • Fast paced Real-Time-Strategy action
  • Construct or destroy the gameworld environment using terraforming
  • Vast singleplayer campaign expanding the story of the original Perimeter
  • New special units, buildings and soundtrack

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Download Size

852 MB

Release Date

August 30, 2006




K-D Lab / 1C

System Requirements

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 • 2 GHz CPU • 1 GB RAM • 4 GB free HD space • Graphics card with 128 MB RAM • DirectX 9.0c





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