MurderHobo: Aggravation Quest
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MurderHobo: Aggravation Quest

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Product Description

Thrust into a heroic quest by a vague prophecy and a probably – senile town elder, you must become a MurderHobo – an amoral psychopath roaming the earth in search of bigger numbers. Actually you’re not sure what any of the numbers mean. The Guild of Murderous Hobos was supposed to explain it, but they’re all obsessive neckbeards and you weren’t really paying attention. Oh, and all this has to happen in a haunted crypt that some genius decided to use as an illegal toxic waste dump, so there’s no shortage of things that want to kill you for no good reason. Explore, murder townspeople, and circumvent nonsensical tutorials in this Metroidvania-inspired action-platformer!

Additional Information


Windows, Mac, Linux

Download Size

45 MB

Release Date

August 1, 2013




5PM Breakfast – Wes Lewis

System Requirements

Any remotely modern computer should run it fine.







1 review for MurderHobo: Aggravation Quest

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Amazeballs! This game has me in stitches!

    Retro platforming action? Check! Craptastic graphics? Check! Biting humor that pokes fun at the very people likely to dig this game? Check! Crazy weapons and enemies? Check!

    Seriously though you should buy this game. Its as fun as it is hilarious. And its dirt cheap to boot.

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