Litil Divil
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Litil Divil

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Product Description

Welcome to the Underworld, where you guide Mutt, the bad luck Litil Divil, through the Labyrinth of Chaos to retrieve the Mystical Pizza of Plenty. Our “hero” takes a fateful step through the Mortal Portal to prowl five hellish levels of treacherous tunnels with more than 50 raucous rooms of gameplay. Beware of killer spiders, bottomless swamps, ferocious furnaces… and crazed bartenders. And watch out! If you can’t get Mutt to the Overlord, The Entity and The Servant will drag him to the Torture Room for a little fiendish fun.


  • An impressive variety of addictive mini-games and challenging riddles with over 50 rooms to explore
  • Classic cartoon humor, colorful graphics, and memorable characters
  • Great mix of action, platformer, and puzzle elements

Additional Information


Windows, Mac

Download Size

35 MB

Release Date

January 1, 1993




Gremlin Interactive / Kiss Ltd

System Requirements

Windows XP / Vista / 7; Mac OS X 10.6.8+ • 2 GHz CPU • 1 GB RAM • 2 GB free HD space • 3D Graphics Card






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