Industry Giant II Gold
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Industry Giant II Gold

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Product Description

Industry Giant II is a simulation game where you are in charge of a manufacturing and distribution company in the 20th century.

The main concept of Industry Giant II is similar to the City Building Series: after products are finished, they are added to the closest available warehouse, and then stores and factories can pick them up and sell them according to the demand. This is the only source of income, as transportation and manufacturing all take money from the companies’ finances (unlike Transport Tycoon and Capitalism), but before selling the player also has to manufacture (or grow) the goods. For that, you must either produce agricultural goods, from crops to livestock (some can be sold directly to stores), wood (can be transformed into sawdust to produce paper and cardboard, and cut wood which can be refined into boards and then to furniture, toys or many other applications) or mine several metals (which become more and more crucial as the time passes) and then combine these raw materials with other goods in factories.


  • 40 fascinating missions
  • Over 200 real products from the 20th and 21st centuries
  • 70 different modes of transportation, over land, on water and in the air
  • 50 endless maps for one or more players
  • Build a wide range of facilities

Additional Information



Download Size

823 MB

Release Date



Deutsch, English


JoWooD / Libredia

System Requirements

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 • PII 350 MHz CPU • 64 MB RAM • 800 MB free HD space • Graphics card with 16 MB RAM






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