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Gobliiins Trilogy

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Product Description

Gobliiins Trilogy: the ultimate experience of the classic Gobliiins adventure games. With the different characters and their own features, you will be taken to a world where magic, fantasy and humor are combined.

With this pack, you will live various adventures: go to the conquest of the miracle medicine to save the King Angoulafre in Gobliiins 1, try to find Angoulafre’s son after his mysterious kidnapping in Gobliins 2 and go in the footsteps of the World Jewel in Goblins 3.

Each adventure will provide you with a great pleasure, playing with different heroes, each one more endearing than others. You will also cross magic and enchanted worlds where you will sometimes have to ask yourself to know if you are in the real world or living the legends with wide-opened eyes…


  • Dynamic adventures with challenging missions
  • One of the best Point & Click experiences
  • Many distinctive decorations and mysterious encounters
  • Magic and enchanted worlds in which you will have pleasure to overcome various obstacles

Additional Information



Download Size

395 MB

Release Date

March 23, 2010 (1993)




Coktel Vision / Pollene

System Requirements

Windows XP / Vista / 7 • 1.5 GHz CPU • 256 MB RAM • 800 MB free HD space • 3D Graphics Card





Bonus Content

Hintbooks and Manuals


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