Data Hacker Initiation
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Data Hacker Initiation

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Product Description

The very first in the series; Initiation sets the scene for the epic intertwining stories to come. Guide Jay, a retired hacker, as he looks to exact his revenge on the administrators of Online World – a massively popular online game. Data Hacker: Initiation is set in a dystopian world some years after societal collapse. As technology begins to resurface, Online World becomes the escape that everyone has been craving. But there’s a great and terrible truth to this game…


  • A Branching storyline based on many decisions through your game
  • Over 20 hours of core playing time and New Game+ feature
  • A dynamic recruitment system; recruit Players or hack enemies to gain allies
  • Recruit evolution system allows you to grow and collect all 50+ unique classes, each with a selection of the game’s 180+ skills
  • Genuine choice, which results in completely different endings and a completely different path through Corruption
  • Keep your inventory, team and decision data when you import your Initiation save file into Corruption!

Additional Information


Windows, Linux

Download Size

312 MB

Release Date





New Reality Games

System Requirements

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10; Linux (Wine) • 2 GHz CPU • 512 MB RAM • 320 MB free HD space







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