Data Hacker Corruption OST

Data Hacker Corruption OST

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The original soundtrack of Data Hacker Corruption.

Track List:

  1. Dreamscape
  2. City Full of Souls
  3. Hacker’s Retreat
  4. Prehistoric Present
  5. Fearsome Enemies
  6. Heaven or Hell, Who Can Tell
  7. Battles in the Arena
  8. Lady Nijo
  9. The Castle Where Kings are Born
  10. Planet of Red Soil
  11. Icicle Charm
  12. Trioarch
  13. Once Again, we March to Battle
  14. Battle Won, Next the War
  15. Darkness Envelopes
  16. Then it Consumes
  17. Nightmare Of The Sleep
  18. Hospital of Madness
  19. Mysterious Glowing Forest
  20. The Time Has Come
  21. Power Overload
  22. Scarlet Noise
  23. Dungeon of Toys
  24. Trick Or Treat
  25. Unfamiliar Places
  26. Unmet Expectations
  27. What World is This
  28. The Paths we Tread
  29. The Hive
  30. Digital Foes
  31. It Was Never Your Fault
  32. The DigiRena
  33. Fields of Colour (coded)
  34. Steel and Binary
  35. Technicality
  36. Digital Developments
  37. The City That Cannot Sleep
  38. A Corrupted Fantasy
  39. Absolute Corruption
  40. Battle With the Man in Scarlet
  41. Theme Of Data Hacker
  42. Bonus 16BIT Steel and Binary
  43. Bonus 16 Bit Corrupt Fantasy
  44. Bonus 16 bit The Actual Tower City Theme
  45. Bonus 16bit Battles in the Arena
  46. Bonus 16bit Lady Nijo
  47. Bonus 16bit DigiRena
  48. Bonus 16bit Digital Developments
  49. Bonus 16bit The Castle Where Kings Are Born
  50. Bonus 16bit Fearsome Enemies

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