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Binary Maze


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Product Description

Binary Maze is a top down 2D puzzle arcade game where you play as a loving couple: R-boy and L-girl. Binary Maze is inspired by the great NES classic arcade game Binary Land. Some Sokoban elements mixed in it and new items and enemies have been added.

By controlling both characters make your way through the maze full of different enemies and puzzles, collect all diamonds and avoid falling into traps, open locked doors and blast preventing walls and meet with your second half.


  • Control two characters at the same time
  • 36 unique levels in three different locations: the garden, the house and the dungeon
  • 3 unique chip-tune soundtracks
  • Cute pixel-art graphics
  • Dark levels with only small spots of light visible
  • 3 types of enemies
  • Cobweb-traps, spiked spheres and conveyer belts
  • Ability to move boxes and blast walls
  • Puzzles with doors and buttons
  • Two game modes: Normal and Arcade (with limited lives, time and levels going one by one)

Additional Information


Windows, Mac

Download Size

12 MB

Release Date

May 6, 2013




Max Marozaw

System Requirements

Windows; Mac OS X • Single core 800 MHz CPU • 256 MB RAM • 64 MB video RAM






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