Atlantis 4: Evolution
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Atlantis 4: Evolution

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Product Description

Caught up in a giant waterspout that leads straight to the new Atlantis, Curtis Hewitt finds himself a stranger in a world of cutting-edge technology and ancient beliefs. In order to be able to return home at last, he will have to free the people of the new Atlantis, oppressed by bloodthirsty and merciless Gods.

Sail the seas, somewhere between Patagonia and New York, on an old ship dating from 1904, take off aboard a modern, technology-packed vessel; explore rural villages and meet Atlanteans; hide in the deep forests, travel 8,000 years back in time to discover the Lost City of Atlantis… and make your way to the sacred site inhabited by the Gods!

Soon, forgotten secrets will rise to the surface… Destiny is on the march…


  • Unique character-driven adventure
  • Immersive mix of storyline and challenges
  • Beautifully rendered cinematic environments
  • Over 30 hours of gameplay

Additional Information


Windows, Mac

Download Size

1.7 GB

Release Date

October 15, 2004




Atlantis Interactive / Anuman

System Requirements

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 • 1 GHz CPU • 1 GB RAM • 2 GB free HD space






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