New release: Ankh – Anniversary Edition

Ankh is now available on FireFlower. Sneak into the pharaoh’s pyramid and meet up with Assil and his crew of crazy friends. Just as the party starts to get hot, a silly accident turns life upside down! Unleashing a deadly curse and discovering a precious amulet, as Assil, you will be immersed in Ankh’s amazing ancient world. From the narrow streets of Cairo’s bazaar to the banks of the Nile. … Read More →

Lovely Indie Weekend

Up to 75% off a bunch of fine indie games November 13~15. Have a Lovely Indie Weekend!

New releases: The Egypt series

The Egypt series is now available on FireFlower. The series includes: Egypt 1156 B.C.: Tomb of the Pharaoh This cultural game plunges you into the heart of an incredible adventure – your father is accused of being behind the pillage of a royal tomb. He will be executed… unless you manage to prove his innocence! To clear up the mystery, explore the many sites of the region of Thebes and … Read More →

New release: Where Angels Cry – Tears of the Fallen

Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen is now available for Mac and Windows on FireFlower, 20% off for the first week. You have a new assignment! Dive back to 13th century medieval Europe as Vatican’s best secret agent! Rumors have it that inquisitor Augustine went out of his mind. He became obsessed by witch-hunting. People are in terror. Travel to Spain, to an isolated village of Portonero and bring … Read More →

Fire Picks – Week 46

Check out our biweekly Fire Picks (a.k.a Staff Picks): Destination Treasure Island A 1st-person point and click piracy adventure freely inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic pirate novel. Puzzles involve using inventory objects which can be manipulated, combined and taken apart. Reef Shot An underwater adventure game that takes you on an unusual voyage to the Pacific and gives you an opportunity to explore the world of marine life and … Read More →

Discover FireFlower

Almost every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we highlight a game from our catalog of games. We call it #DiscoverFireFlower and it usually comes with a discount.

Staff Picks – Week 44

Our biweekly Staff Picks are a bit spooky this week for some reason…:[ Dracula 1 A fright-filled adventure that transpires in the heart of Transylvania. Oz Orwell Join the ghost-investigator Oz Orwell from the internet-show “Ghosts & Mansions” as he’s making a new episode of his show… The Cat Lady A critically acclaimed psychological horror adventure game where you follow Susan Ashworth, a lonely 40-year old on the verge of … Read More →

End of the Autumn Sale

Our Autumn Sale is now over, hope you had a good time and found some nice games. If you missed out on any deal, let us know and we’ll send you a discount coupon valid for the rest of the month. Thanks!

Autumn Sale – Day 7

Encore! Last 24 hours of our Autumn Sale; that means that our most popular deals have been brought back to their maximum discount for one last time this sale. Ends at approx. 8 p.m. AWST / 2 p.m. CET / 1 a.m. UTC / 8 a.m. EDT on October 26. If you missed out on any deal, let us know and we’ll send you a discount coupon valid for the … Read More →

Autumn Sale – Day 6

Special offers on fine indies today: Build booming gold rush towns, in 1849. (50% off) Crash cars, in KarBOOM. (75% off) Date people, in Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker. (34% off) Be kind to nature; create magical trees and interact with playful wildlife, in Let There Be Life. (75% off) And more…