Winter Sale – Day 5-6

For the next 48 hours you can get RPGs at explosive prices. Here are a few Fire Staff favorites: A Wizard’s Lizard – Explore ever-changing dungeons, filled with valuable treasure and powerful items, while battling back the hordes of evil. Rescue townsfolk to improve your town and aid your next trek into the dungeon. Letter Quest Remastered – Spell words to battle monsters, earn gems and use them to purchase … Read More →

Winter Sale – Day 3-4

For the next 48 hours you can get cool indie games at great prices. Here are a few Fire Staff favorites: Concrete Jungle – A new take on the city building genre that swaps micro-management for a more strategic and puzzle-orientated style of city planning. Cubetractor – A neo-retroesque action-strategy-puzzle hybrid where you defeat enemies through an unconventional cube-pulling, turret-building mechanic. Dustforce – As an acrobatic janitor, you are an … Read More →

New release: 1849: Gold Edition

1849: Gold Edition is now available for Mac and Windows on FireFlower. 1849: Gold Edition combines the base game 1849 plus the 1849: Nevada Silver and Epilogue: After the Gold Rush content packs. 1849 is a city management game set during the California Gold Rush. Your task is to build towns, populate them with workers, and make sure that they are housed, fed, and entertained. You’ll have to manage and … Read More →

Winter Sale

Snow might be falling outside your window (depending on where you live and if climate change hasn’t made it too warm) and our Winter Sale has started and goes on until December 13/14. 200+ DRM-free games on sale and new deals every other day (bidaily). First out is Anuman’s fine games.

Buy Nothing Day


We’re celebrating ‪Buy Nothing Day‬ today instead of ‪‎Black Friday‬. We’re also celebrating ‪Black Hole Friday‬.

New release: Memoir En Code

Memoir En Code is now available for Linux, Mac and Windows on FireFlower. Memoir En Code is an autobiographical game album. It’s a series of short interactive games about life events that influenced and shaped me. From being in a long distance relationship, to living in a foreign country. Memoir En Code was developed in the attempt to explore autobiography in games. Playing through the experience once will take approximately … Read More →

Fire Picks – Week 48

Check out our biweekly Staff Picks: Driftmoon An adventure-roleplaying game, full of exploration, smiles and surprises, captivating stories and quests, charming characters, and countless delightful details. Inescapable A side scrolling sci-fi action adventure in which you unravel the mystery uncovered by a remote interplanetary mining operation. Kairo An atmospheric 3D first-person exploration and puzzle solving game. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker A hilarious dating simulator with a difference! You are tasked with … Read More →

New release: Black Sails: The Ghost Ship

Black Sails: The Ghost Ship is now available on FireFlower. Best played with the lights turned off and the volume turned up, Black Sails is a creepy and mysterious point-and-click adventure game. A shipwreck. Having lost all hope, two survivors cling to the wreckage, trying to survive a few more minutes in the raging sea. Until another ship appears. Hoping for rescue, they are calling out, but nobody answers. They … Read More →

New release: Venetica – Gold Edition

Venetica is now available on FireFlower and it comes with bonus content in the form of artworks. Set in the fantastic world of long ago Venice, the young Scarlett falls victim to a terrible mystery, which begins with the murder of her companion by a secretive alliance of mighty necromancers. Thus fate takes its inevitable course and threatens to throw the world out of order. Scarlett finds out that she … Read More →

New release: Ankh – Anniversary Edition

Ankh is now available on FireFlower. Sneak into the pharaoh’s pyramid and meet up with Assil and his crew of crazy friends. Just as the party starts to get hot, a silly accident turns life upside down! Unleashing a deadly curse and discovering a precious amulet, as Assil, you will be immersed in Ankh’s amazing ancient world. From the narrow streets of Cairo’s bazaar to the banks of the Nile. … Read More →