New release: Reperfection

Reperfection Volume 1 – The first episode of a point & click adventure series in the style of a graphic novel. Ben Freeman’s wife is involved in an accident. Ben discovers he has the ability to change the past but this ability leads to unforseen consequences…

IGN awards

Journey by That Game Company won IGN.coms Game of the Year award. The Walking Dead: The Game by Telltale Games won the award for Best Overall Story. XCOM got the award for Best Overall Strategy Game. You can find the rest here. Congrats!

New Release: Seduce Me

Seduce Me, an erotic dating strategy game is now available! Explore a mansion in the Mediterranean and meet beautiful and interesting people. The game features mini games, pre-rendered backgrounds, hand painted images of glamorous women and erotic cut scenes.

Wisps: The Redeeming 50% off!

Wisps: The Redeeming is 50% off (€1.99) until Friday! An arcade game inspired by all time arcade classics with fast-paced action but yet a chilling and relaxing mood in which you, as a wisp god, use a firefly to guide your demi-god son through the labyrinth of the dark woods.

Clean’Em Up 50 % off!

Clean’Em Up is 50 % off (€1.79) until Friday! Clean’Em Up is a colorful, fast-paced arcade shooter where you fight computer security threats using various weapons. Playing as an upgradable anti-virus, you seek and destroy these threats (viruses).

Non Flying Soldiers 50 % off!

Non Flying Soldiers is 50 % off (€2.49) until Friday! Guide your avian soldiers through lethal obstacle courses using various contraptions (barriers, springboards etc) and collect rewards on your way to the goal.