Now available: Zigfrak

Zigfrak, a space-based action RPG, is now available in the store. It features missions, exploration, and crafting and a few more things…

Reperfection interview

An interview by GamerCheese with Tinnitus Games’ Michael Holzapfel about their game Reperfection and other stuff.

FireFlower’s most anticipated games 2013

Here’s a list of games we are looking forward to in 2013 (alphabetical order): Cradle - adventure GODUS - god game Ring Runner - space-shooter RPG Star Command - space-strategy sim Stasis - adventure Strike Suit Zero - space-action The Swapper - puzzle platformer The Witness - exploration-puzzle Wasteland 2 - RPG    

Seduce Me

Recently played Seduce Me and it was a nice experience. It got challenging mini games, nice surrondings and beautiful people in the nude.