Now available: Skyburst

The planet of Extrellis is under attack by forces unknown and as Planet Administrator it is up to you to protect the population by directing the planets defence, so man the turrets and prepare for the fight of your life!  Skyburst is only limited by your skill in directing the turrets fire.

The Cat Lady nominations

The Cat Lady has been nominated for several awards by Adventure Gamers and Adventure Game Studio. The awards includes: Best story, Best writing – Drama, Best Sound effects, Best independent adventure, Best non-traditional adventure, Best gameplay, Best dialogue writing, Best original story, Best player character and Best voice work. That’s a lot of nominations.

Now available: Of Light & Shadow

Of Light & Shadow is now available for free. Of Light & Shadow is an award winning sidescrolling puzzle platformer for PC and Mac. The game combines two areas in each level, light and shadow, as well as two protagonists in one playable character, Mr. Light and Dr. Shadow. While either can only survive in light or shadow areas respectively, the player has to constantly switch between them and make … Read More →

Valentine’s sale 50%

Valentine's sale

We are having a Valentine’s sale until the 18th. A bunch of games are down to 50% off. Give a little indie love. <3

Now available: Pulse Shift

Pulse Shift, a first person puzzle platformer, is now available. It allows the player to control and cheat physics in three dimensions. The game was designed to bring something new to every chapter. So you will be jumping, looking for the right way, collecting keys, solving puzzles and probably rewinding time. Pulse Shift contains 50 levels in 7 different theme styles. Each chapter unlocks new game objects, a new ability … Read More →

Now available: The Stormfront Bundle

You can now buy The Stormfront bundle on FireFlower Games. It includes the strategy games Desert Stormfront and Tropical Stormfront. Save €3.99 by buying the bundle.