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    Version 1.1.1 of Concrete Jungle is now available.

    Patch notes:

    • New Cards: ‘Praetoria’ and ‘Tri Iron’ landmark buildings
    • Added: New option to change the AI’s play speed
    • Added: New option to add a confirmation step when playing cards
    • Fixed: You could not use the demolition card on a tower of maximum height
    • Fixed: Resizing the window while on the statistics screen in the DRM-free version caused ‘getting scores’ strings to be created
    • Fixed: A few typos
    • Fixed: A bug where the wrong player could get Yves’ funding cards
    • Fixed: Some cards were missing star icons
    • Fixed: The ‘Piranah Tower’ was costing 2 and not 6 as listed on the card
    • Fixed: The ‘favourite cards’ section of the stats screen was not calculating this accurately
    • Fixed: Yves’ +3 tech skill was not enabling skills in the next skill bracket when appropriate without re-opening the card shop screen
    • Fixed: A few instances where the economy bar could display the incorrect value
    • Fixed: Issues with saving the tech level in classic mode
    • Fixed: AI hang bugs
    • Fixed: Crash using Rick’s Bailout skill if you had >12 residential buildings
    • In the card shop you can see the % of times you picked that card from the card shop
    • The maximum target number has been upped from 50 to 99
    • The maximum expenditure threshold has been increased back to 200
    • The ‘Waste’ card’s name has been changed to ‘Pollution’ to help differentiate it from the Waste class (red)
    • Right clicking on a card filter button in the card db will now display only that class
    • The block size economy bonus has been increased to 2 (from 1). Miranda’s skill that increases this now gives +3

    Card/Skill Balances:

    • Rick’s ‘Bailout’ skill replaces potential paperwork cards from the deck removal with funding cards
    • Miranda’s ‘High Interest’ skill now gives +economy equal to purchases *3
    • Miranda’s ‘High Interest’ skill has been swapped with the position of the ‘Trading Floor’ skill in her skill tree
    • ‘Art Gallery’ now increases the multiplier relative to it’s original amount (eg. prisons will get -1 multiplier with each buff)
    • The ‘Grove’ special ability now sets tiles of 0 or below to 1
    • The ‘Newspaper HQ’ card now gives +economy equal to the sum total of all negatively scoring buildings in play, inverted
    • The ‘Pub’ was changed to a ‘commercial’ class building
    • Economy of ‘Tennis Court’ card changed from 0 to 1
    • Economy of ‘Homeless Shelter’ card changed from -1 to 0
    • Economy of ‘Substation’ card changed from 0 to 1
    • ‘Debt’ now gives +2 economy to Miranda instead of +1
    • ‘Ballet School’ special ability has been increased from 12 to 16 placements
    • ‘Coffee House’ given an area-of-effect buff
    • ‘Youth Club’ given an area-of-effect buff
    • ‘Community College’ given an area-of-effect buff
    • Cost of ‘#Occupy’ card changed from 2 to 7, changed cycling type to repeating, changed its effect from -3 to -2
    • Cost of ‘Cargo Depot’ card changed from 5 to 6
    • Cost of ‘Brainstorm’ card changed from 4 to 2
    • Cost of ‘Remy Ave’ card changed from 6 to 9
    • Cost of ‘Fairview 909′ card changed from 6 to 9
    • Cost of ‘Sell Land’ card changed from 1 to 0
    • Cost of ‘Funding’ card changed from 1 to 0
    • Cost of ‘Electronics Plant’ card changed from 2 to 1
    • Cost of ‘Motel’ card changed from 3 to 1
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