Special offers on challenging strategy games today:

  • You have to be tactical in the small tropical nation of Palinero, or else… in Brigade E5: New Jagged Union. (75% off)
  • The mafia rules the city. A special police task force is formed to take them down. An open war breaks out throughout the city of Chicago. Now it’s your turn to choose side (in Chicago 1930)! (90% off)
  • Experience turn-based strategy and fight a Fantasy War in a world of war and legend. (75% off)
  • Work undercover on behalf of the US government and destroy a drug cartel in the country of Arulco, in Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire. (80% off)
  • Taste the explosive mix of the jungle, Hueys and rock-n-roll in 1968, in Men of War: Vietnam. (75% off)
  • Conquer and colonize lands, form protective perimeters and use powerful nanotechnologies, in Perimeter. (75% off)
  • Lead Robin Hood and his Merry Men/Women through the Sherwood Forest and fight the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. (87% off)
  • Aliens are invading! Fight them and reclaim Earth! In UFO: Aftermath. (75% off)
  • And more…